VSL Builder

CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP

Client: Self

One of my favorite things to do is build tools that help others do their job without the assistance of someone technical. While working for Leading Health Supplements, the process of creating a video sales letter was long and complicated due to the need for a technical outsourcer to create a video from a script and voiceover file.

I created this software to eliminate the need for a video production outsourcer when creating video sales letters. By simply uploading a PowerPoint file and an mp3 voiceover, the user is able to set cue points when each slide should change. The audio file is converted to a visual waveform for easy visual placement of cue points. Once all cue points are set, exporting to video is as easy as clicking a button. This project helped the company go from a week of outsourcing time, down to just a couple of hours to produce a video.