Leading Health

CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, PHP

Client: Leading Health Supplements

As Chief Technical Officer for Leading Health Supplements my mission was to speed workflow through the use of technology. My first priority was to build a back end API to centralize programming functionality across dozens of our websites. The sites were receiving millions of visits and processing $1.5 million every month, so a centralized system was critical to keeping all sites consistent and operational. The central API greatly sped up production of our sites, taking a standard two week build down to less than one week by eliminating the need to write custom programming for each individual site.

Prior to my role as CTO, I spent a year as Director of Optimization for Leading Health. My goal was to increase conversion rates and order values through A/B split testing. Overall, conversion rates increased by 40% across all sites, and the average order value increased from $120 to $175. I was responsible for ideation and execution of all split tests.